…positively disruptive

The Oxford Documentary Film Institute offers factual filmmaking training, consultancy and full production services, as well as short workshops for professional development in digital storytelling skills for academics or business.

ODFI is an initiative to better prepare individuals for research at home and in the field. We are a team of academics from the sciences, social sciences and the arts, who use or film as research tool or as professional filmmakers. We run a selection of courses and workshops to teach essential hands-on skills in digital film in order to enhance the presentations of visual research.

We work on the premise that new technologies bring about new methodologies. We feel that it is important for students using visual media to understand the process of filmmaking and editing in order to produce watchable material and become better critics of visual representations. We believe it is only through comprehending the art and technology behind the finished product that we can use this media in an informed manner.


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